If you are an 80’s kid, then you will love these Telugu movies

If you are an 80's kid, then you will love these Telugu movies

The Telugu entertainment world is developing step by step. It has sharp working individuals who are working effectively in making something exceptionally uncommon and worth watching. Different unmistakable presentations are the result of boundless coordination and devoted people between the cast and extreme gathering. With its extraordinary creations in all genres, either romantic, comedy, action, or thrilling, this industry is challenging the other sectors of India. There was a time of the 80s when movies were made with exciting thriller concepts without involving comedy part much into that. Mainstream movie producers of the past appeared to discover makers who regarded the medium more, a bundle that could pick stories that are thoughtful and established in actuality. Accordingly, producers of the 80s made it a highlight to make films that had something powerful to say about the general public. One such movie is Arjun Suravaram, an action thriller movie and would be loved by viewers, especially 80 kids. You can stream many action movies online on aha.

 Arjun Suravaram

This movie is directed by T. Santosh. He is also the writer of this movie. In this movie, journalist Arjun Suravaram(Nikhil) works for a channel called TV 99. He Starts to grow passionate feelings for his colleague(Lavanya), and when all that is by all accounts going fine, he abruptly gets captured in a phony testament trick. Arjun comes temporarily free from jail and, to his stun, discovers that a major mafia is behind this. The remainder of the story concerns how Arjun takes things close by and addresses the case.

Nikhil Siddharth’s performance is impressive in the role of a journalist, and he is persuading. Vennela Kishore’s role as a lawyer who sees himself as incompatible in his profession adds some comic parts. LavanyaTripathi plays the affection interest of Nikhil, and she progresses admirably. Satya and Vidyu, as a couple, are fun watching. Posani in a constable role, Nagineedu as Nikhil’s dad, and Tarun Arora as a villain uphold the lead cast. Raja Ravindra plays an awful cop.

Creation values by RajkumarAkella under Movies Dynamix LLP are high. We can see the makers have put nice sums without agreement as far as quality. Music by Sam CS is exceptional. Surya’s visuals and cinematography added more strength to the film. The activity scenes are arranged pleasantly. NavinNooli editing might have been something more.

Overall, Arjun Suravaram is a movie that would definitely engage the audience with its thriller genre. Nikhil’s presentation is an essential resource in this movie. The film begins on an exceptionally dull note yet gets once the primary plot is released. Nikhil’s considerable delay will deliver profits for him. If you disregard the somewhat tired peak and some explanation, this film closes as a decent watch on the holiday.

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