Who’s On The Cover Of Madden NFL 22

Who's On The Cover Of Madden NFL 22

Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes were chosen as the Madden NFL 22 cover athletes. The game is releasing on August 20th with new gameplay and features.

Madden NFL 22 is coming on August 20th. The 2021 installment was officially revealed. This means that speculations about the game have come to an end. One of the biggest rumors around the community concerned the cover star. We knew a few weeks ago that this year’s cover was going to be somewhat unique. A game official stated that they are doing something different with Madden NFL 22’s cover. Just a few days before the reveal event, a teaser drop. The video had two goats and Peyton Hillis. The cute animals were a clear hint that Madden NFL 22 will have two NFL G.O.A.T (Greatest of All Times) players on the cover. The fans immediately started wondering who those players might be. The consensus was that Madden NFL 22 will feature Brady and Mahomes on the cover. The speculation proved to be true.

Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady on the Cover of Madden NFL 22

Mahomes and Brady are the stars of this year’s NFL season. It’s no wonder that they were chosen as the cover athletes for Madden NFL 22. Patrick Mahomes II is playing in the NFL since 2017 for the Kansas City Chiefs. He has a Super Bowl Championship under his belt and many other awards. Career highlights include 2019 Super Bowl MVP, 2018 NFL MVP, Bert Bell Award, First and Second-Team All-Pro. Mahomes plays as a quarterback. Tom Brady plays in the same position. His NFL career started in 2000 alongside the New England Patriots. He left the team after 19 seasons. Since 2020, he has been with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Brady is a seven-time Super Bowl Champion and five-time Super Bowl MVP. Mahomes and Brady are on the cover of the Madden NFL 22 MVP edition. It is priced at $80. Keep in mind that the price differs based on where in the world you are located. For example, players in Europe pay €80. The MVP edition includes three days of early access during which you can take part in exclusive content. It also has 60 staff points that can be used in the Franchise mode. You begin at level 10 in The Yard and Face at the Franchise. The bonus includes an elite item, Brady or Mahomes, and also the choice of one other NFL star. The dual entitlement deal is available this year as well.

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